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psr polishes

Manufacturers of high quality Metal Polishing Compound located in Maharastra, India, specializing primer polishing compounds for various applications. Metal polishing primers commonly known as Peela powder, Yellow polishing compound or Tripoli compound manufactured by us have regular demand as they are manufactured and distributed with utmost care that they satisfy the customer with its high quality at most reasonable price. Red polishing compound is known for its special finishing in Spectacle frame industry.

Metal Polishing compound - Primer

PSR Brand

Commonly known as Peela powder, Yellow polishing compound or Tripoli compound, removes heavy scratches and makes the surface of the metal uniform for further fine finish polishing or for electroplating. Its suitable for stainless steel, Aluminium and brass.

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Corporate Office:



Vasu Campus,

15/1A Vallananthapuram,
Madurai - 625 012.
Tamil Nadu, INDIA.








Mobile No. 9366692246
email: elango@vasuindia.com

Mr. V. SENTHILNATHAN, B.S.Engg. ( Moscow )

Mobile No. 9344102586
email: senthil@vasuindia.com

Branch Offices:


ADDRESS:Old No.174/2, New No. 747, T.H.Road,
New Washermanpet,
CHENNAI - 600 081.
Tamil Nadu , INDIA .


Mobile No. 9380092246
email: ilayaraja@vasuindia.com


ADDRESS:10, Santosh Nivas,
B.P.Cross Road,
Mumbai – 401 105.
Maharashtra , INDIA .


Mobile No. 9324192246
email: psrajan@vasuindia.com


ADDRESS:9, Panthadi 7 th Street ,
MADURAI – 625 001.
Tamil Nadu , INDIA .


email: vjp@vasuindia.com



Metal Polishing Compound – Grey Bars

It is a greasy compound, suitable for all types of Aluminium, Stainless Steel vessels, mixie jars and utensils especially for bigger articles. Giving mirror finishing and quick removal of products is its specialty.

Metal Polishing Compound – Black, White Bars

It is dry when compared with Grey compound, suitable for Aluminium Stainless Steel vessels, utensils, mixie jars and cutlery especially for smaller articles. Giving mirror finishing and removal of more products than other ordinary polishing compound is its specialty.

Metal Polishing Compound – Green Bars

It is available both in dry and greasy compound, suitable for Aluminium, Brass and other metals.

Metal Polishing Compound – Custom Bars

Custom made polishing compound is also available to fulfill any other specific requirements.

Our Founder

:: Our Founder

Born in a family struggling with hand to mouth existence, Mr.V.Vasudevan with his ceaseless hard work, strong self-confidence and daring determination raised himself and other family members to be among the few privileged members of the society.

He has been an amazingly versatile person, a great visionary and a kind missionary. He is astonishingly simple that any stranger would mistake him for an employee at the first sight. No person could go without appreciating his extraordinary personality after the first meeting with him.

About Us


Vasu Chemicals, founded by Mr.V.VASUDEVAN have established themselves as the leading manufacturers of METAL POLISHING COMPOUND / BUFFING COMPOUND of supreme quality in India. Armed with an unmatched experience of 37 years in the field of Stainless Steel Polishing, Vasu Chemicals could emerge as the topmost producer of buffing composition in India.

Introduction of GREY bars coupled with the innovative method of production brought laurels to the organisation as the products are the finest in quality and the cheapest in price among all the other brands available in the market.

Lead by a powerful commander supported with an experienced human resource, our company hopes to retain the topmost position for the ages to come.

Vasu Chemicals is a unit under Khadi and Village Industries Commission ( KVIC ), a statutory body created by the act of Parliament of India, with the social objective of providing rural employment, the economic objective of producing salable articles and the wider objective of creating self-reliance amongst poor and building up of a strong rural community spirit.

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